Handy Android App: FilesAnywhere, A Fax For Your Phone

FilesAnywhere is the direct descendant of the web drive, or as the latest buzz words have it “storing your data in the cloud”. In other words, it’s a third party web-based storage you can access from multiple locations via the internet. Some of the nicer features include being able to email files on your web drive without actually having them on your machine, being able to access other peoples’ shared documents, etc. The web-based file manager is pretty good, as you can see in the screenshot.

The BEST feature, however, is built into FilesAnywhere’s Android app. For those of us who deal with documents on the go, this app has a feature that can’t be beat: you can fax any machine in the world directly from your phone using your FilesAnywhere account.

FilesAnywhere Web UI

For the road warrior, this is a pearl beyond price! I have some documents on Files Anywhere that I fax regularly. I can even download and edit some documents on my phone, then re-upload and fax them as needed.

However, the way I use it most is to take a picture of a document (or bar code, serial number sticker or whatever) and just fax the newly snapped picture straight from my phone. Without question this is the most handy use I’ve found for it so far. I’ve taken lots of pics of documents that I’ve just signed, then uploaded and faxed them in just seconds. No muss, no fuss, no bother… and no fax needed on site when you’re signing a contract with a client. Fantastic!

FilesAnywhere Android App qrcode

FilesAnywhere Android App qrcode

There is a similar app called ScanR as well for faxing that simply turns your documents into PDFs and then sends them. However, I find it far less flexible and with not as many features as FilesAnywhere – I like the broad range of file formats and actions that I can take that FilesAnwhere offers. 

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